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Tea Tree Toner

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  • Product Details

    GoSparkle's tea tree toner is an advanced face toner that boosts skin's visible resilience for smoother texture, visible glow, restored bounce & reduced look of wrinkles. This breakthrough formula with lemongrass, papaya, neem, tea tree helps skin function at its full potential by resisting life stressors, like lack of sleep, stress, and seasonal changes, that lead to visible signs of aging. Shown to be effective on all skin types and tones, this toner has a refreshing tea scent and fast penetration. So, Ready Steady Glow Daily!

  • Benefits

    • Helps to balance skin ph.
    • Prevents wrinkles and tightens pores.
    • Acts as a natural astringent.
    • Helps to treat acne and control oil.
    • Promotes collagen production.
    • Helps to minimize the appearance of pores.
    • Reduces acne scars and marks.
    • Can be used to dilute your face packs for an external glow.
  • How to use?

    • After face wash, spray toner all over your face.
    • Close your eyes, and avoid eyes while spraying.
    • Allow it to dry for a few minutes.
    • Follow it up with gel/moisturizer/serum on the face and neck area.
    • Helps in better absorption of skincare products by hydrating your skin.

    Recommended using once or twice a day for better results.

  • Ingredients

    • Tea tree
    • Lemongrass
    • Neem
    • Orange
    • Mulethi
    • Peppermint
    • Lemon
    • Cinnamon
    • Cabbage
    • Papaya
    • Aqua
    • Non-alcoholic witch hazel
    • Sodium benzoate
  • How did you feel?

    This refreshing, water-light daily toner contains a blend of tea tree, lemon, to help reduce acne and minimize the look of pores. Ideal for acne prone and oily skin, the formula effectively exfoliates and cleans pores to reveal a healthy-looking complexion. It purifies and refreshes skin by removing impurities caused by pollution. It effectively removes acne scars, marks and tightens pores thereby lifting the skin and balancing the skin pH levels.

  • Why to buy?

    This watery formula delivers lightweight hydration for up to 24 hours and treats acne and controls excess of oil. It's packed with antioxidant-rich tea tree and is also infused with orange, cinnamon and muelthi to visibly soothe skin. This product is also known as Intensive Hydrating toner. It greatly helps in reducing acne scars and marks. It can be used to dilute face packs for an external glow. In addition it maintains pH levels and tightens pores. It's a must have for you regular cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine.

  • Why to use?

    An innovative concoction that exfoliates, cleans pores, draws out excess oil and refines the look of skin texture. It visibly brightens and tightens, and hydrates for a smooth, even-, and energized-looking complexion that‘s all glow. Gentle enough for daily use, this skin-resurfacing toner is formulated with natural ingredients. Acting as a natural astringent, it helps control acne and eliminate scars. A powerful source of multiple benefits: skin-calming, dead-skin-dissolving, and texture-smoothing.