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Red Wine Gel

Rs. 1,119.00 Rs. 1,599.00

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  • Product Details

    Rehydrate your skin with GoSparkle's Red wine gel. It Re-Energizes dull, tired skin along with providing a soothing and cooling effect. Infused with collagen, anti-oxidants and wine extract, cucumber, manjistha, This gel revives the skin by giving it an instant glow. It firms the skin by diminishing premature signs of aging and saggy skin imparting a youthful appearance. It confers the skin a lot of nourishment by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and dullness. It speeds up the process of getting radiant skin and improves your complexion.

  • Benefits

    • Increases your fairness.
    • Prevents signs of aging.
    • Helps to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Moisturizes your skin by reducing the dryness.
    • Helps to tighten skin pores.
    • Helps to rejuvenate your skin.
    • Promotes collagen production.
    • Non-greasy formula and absorbs quickly into your skin.
    • Promotes cell regeneration and elasticity of the skin.
  • How to use?

    • Take the required amount of gel and apply it to your cleansed face and neck in an upward stroke.
    • Very light in texture and easily absorbs into your skin.
    • Massage for a few minutes for better penetration.
    • Works well on the skin and gives a glowing effect.
    • Follow it up with sunscreen or good Spf-based cream/ moisturizer.

    Recommended using daily for better results.

  • Ingredients

    • Redwine
    • Patchouli
    • Vetiver
    • Neroli
    • Pineapple
    • Cucumber
    • Bergamot
    • Avocado
    • Manjistha
    • Carrot seed
    • Papaya
    • Carbomer
    • Aqua
    • Glycerine
    • Sodium benzoate
    • Triethanolamine
  • How did you feel?

    The Wine gel starts replenishing your skin from the first use. It offers advance appearance correcting without drastic measures. It feels non greasy, super light and rich on the skin. It quickly absorbs in the skin and penetrates deeper to regenerate new skin cells. The exquisite fusion of essential ingredients like red wine, treats skin blemishes and leaves the skin lighter and lustrous all day long. It is a magic potion for the skin packed with wondrous natural ingredients.

  • Why to buy?

    Wake up to a refreshed and radiant complexion. The ultra-hydrating cream with a gel texture provides the skin with bursts of moisture to visibly plump the skin and smooth out lines. The groundbreaking formulation confers to you the goodness of avocados, patchouli, bergamot, papaya and glycerin. It has been proven to lighten your skin tone and even out the complexion. It locks in moisture and keeps the skin moist while improving the pore health. It is suitable for all skin types. Magic in a jar, that's what we call it!

  • Why to use?

    Red Wine Gel is a thoughtfully crafted rejuvenating gel that works synergistically with the natural repair process and enhances it manifold. It provides just the right ingredients and superfoods needed by the skin and delivers them to the deepest layers. It will moisture in, pulling a protective and nourishing blanket over the skin only to reveal a smoother, brighter and firm complexion. Revolutionary Red Wine extracts work hard to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase elasticity and reboot the skin to turn back the hands of time.

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