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Bridal Glow Kit 1

Bridal Glow Kit 1

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A Body lotion that helps even out skin tone and gradually minimize the look of visible signs of pigmentation and dark or yellowish spots. Enriched with the goodness of sandalwood, ylang ylang, vitamin E, peach and grape seed, it confers powerful benefits to your skin. A hero antioxidant and skin-brightening ingredient that tackles the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dullness, and fine lines. This lotion targets hyper pigmentation while also helping to protect against free radicals and pollution, leaving skin brighter.


GoSparkle's under eye glow gel with green tea and an anti-oxidant complex containing jasmine and glycerin corrects the main markers that alter the youthful appearance of the eye area (puffiness, dark circles) and helps to protect this delicate area from external aggressions with the help of cucumber, coffee, nutmeg, jasmine. Its delicate and refreshing texture smoothens the eye contour area and fades dark circles and puffiness. Its incredible natural-origin blur effect texture instantly fades wrinkles, making the eyes appear more youthful from the first few application.


Hydrate your skin with GoSparkle's Red wine gel. It Re-Energizes dull, tired skin along with providing a soothing and cooling effect. Infused with collagen, anti-oxidants and wine extract, cucumber, manjistha. Increases your fairness.    


GoSparkle's tea tree toner is an advanced face toner that boosts skin's visible resilience for smoother texture, visible glow, restored bounce & reduced look of wrinkles. This breakthrough formula with lemongrass, papaya, neem, tea tree helps skin function at its full potential by resisting life stressors, like lack of sleep, stress, and seasonal changes, that lead to visible signs of aging. Shown to be effective on all skin types and tones, this toner has a refreshing tea scent and fast penetration. So, Ready Steady Glow Daily!

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